Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday cheer and sea sickness

Here is Jake spreading some holiday cheer apparently from a rocking boat.


Kate has turned into quite the climber. From bar stools, to beds, to chairs, you name it she wants on it. This is the first time she got on the rocking horse by herself, hence the beaming face.

Sick funny kid

Jake got sick one night last week. He just threw up once and we never figured out why. As a precaution he spent the rest of the night with a bowl. He took the "hold this bowl" a little to seriously and literally kept his face in it. As you can see he also took it into bed with him and fell asleep with it at the ready.

If Kate had blue and green hair

Ashland parade

The day after Thanksgiving I went with the kids and some friends to a little parade and tree lighting in Ashland (Bryan had to work late, sad). It was pretty chilly and the parade only lasted about 10 minutes but at least we got to see Santa from a distance and have some hot chocolate.Jake on Matt's shoulders so he could see the parade Kate all bundled up.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I'm walkin'

I know it is a bit fuzzy, but until I can get clips off our video camera on here it is what I've got. Kate is a walking fool and is getting faster by the day. She likes seeing things from a new viewpoint and I'm sure it won't be long before she is running around with Jake. Oh the simple days of putting babies on blankets and having them stay are gone. They were fun while they lasted but it is so fun to watch them grow.

More good times in the closet

Kate has taken to emptying the top shelf of my shoe rack and climbing up on it. We aren't quite sure what the attraction is but she is so proud perched up there. One night we found her in there in the dark by herself just as happy as can be.

She wakes up happy

Sure she is a little foggy looking in the morning, but how can you not smile when that is what you get to wake up to.

Our little "linky log" holder

Jake calls them "linky logs". Kate does not call them anything, partly because she can't talk and even if she could talk she always has them in her mouth. They are now stored up high because of the obvious choking hazard, but if she finds one anywhere she will haul it around in her mouth all day.

So tell me how you feel

Since Jake was pretty young we could name an emotion and he has a face to go with it. It turns out, he's still got it. Show me suprised.Show me mad. If only his real mad face looked this nice.Show me happy.

Let the catching up begin!

I have been reminded many times that I have been a big blogging slacker so I am making a come back. It is kind of funny though because I was asked the other day when Kate started walking and it just so happens to be when I stopped blogging. Coincidence, I think not. These first few pictures are some stragglers from Halloween. Bryan and the kiddos getting ready to carve the pumpkin and the finished product. We used little pegs that lit up when you turn the light on in the pumpkin. It would not show up on a picture in the dark so you get to see it with the light on. Then there is just a picture of Kate in her festive clothes.

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Let the Halloween festivities begin

Last night kicked of the week of Halloween activities. We went to a carnival at the church where you can see Jake went as a doctor thanks to the scrubs he got from his Grandma Elva. He had a fun time doing every thing from a cake walk to a fishing pond. You might even say he was hypnotized by the fun. Kate was a bit overwhelmed by the whole thing. The sugar rush took a while to wear off so Jake would go to sleep but he had a great time. Now off to the next carnival on Friday!

The many, or two, hats of Kate

She doesn't leave them on for long but she likes them while they are on.

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

The girl can eat

Those that have witnessed it know Kate is quite the eater. She has on many occasions out eaten her big bro Jake. Once she discovered our cereal cupboard it was only a matter of time before this would happen and we would have to move it. The thing that I find funniest about her is that with most other things once she has emptied something she is off to something else. If there is food, she sticks around to eat.

The video phone is here!

After much waiting and anticipation Bryan's video phone is finally here. Here he is testing it out. If you would like to see this handsome face while you chat with him, just let Bryan know and he will let you know how he can make it happen for you.

Oh the chapped lips

Jake went for a few weeks where no matter how much chap stick, Vaseline, or medicated ointment we used he would not stop licking his bottom lip hence the awesome chapped look. Isn't that just supposed to happen right before school pictures? He sure is cute in spite of it though.

Kate's in the closet

If it is quiet and it has been a while since you have seen Kate, the best place to look is in the closet. That is where we keep some of the kids toys. She loves to empty it, and as you can see, sometimes fill it back up with herself.

Just put your feet up, relax

Jake got some fun sports stuff from our friends Matt, Jessie, and Molly to decorate his room with. Here is Kate putting the bean bag to good use.

Halloween treats

Here are the kids enjoying the fun treats they got in the mail from Grandpa Dan and Grandma Gail. Jake got some Halloween gel-type window stickers and Kate got some new pajamas. Jake has moved his stickers from window to window countless times so neighbors from every angle have gotten to enjoy them. As a side note, the shirt he is wearing was Bryan's when Bryan was in preschool. He is also getting pretty good at the card games he got like go fish and slap jack. As Jake would say,"Nanks guys!"

Mt. McLoughlin

Several weeks back my dad and I hiked Mt. McLoughlin. It is nice for them to have a mountain named after us around here, even though it is a little off on the spelling. Anyway, the mountain got it's first snow the night before so it made for a little chilly but very pretty hike. We will definitely be doing it again sometime. Good times.

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Drum roll please.....

After nearly ten long months of hard work, on Kate's part, the day has finally come. There were times when I thought it might never happen, but here we are. And now introducing, be it ever so tiny and not quite centered, Kate's ponytail!!!!

Friday, September 28, 2007

Just playing

Little hands, little cheeks, little nose. So freaking fun!

Bring on the cold!

I've got a beanie to use!

Long night

Kate has not been the consistently good sleeper that Jake was. She has her good and her bad nights. This one was one of the bad. After many efforts to get her to work it out in her crib, the Johnny Jump Up is always the way to go. The nice thing about it is that she jumps herself to sleep. Then if she starts to wake up she automatically starts jumping and puts her self back to sleep. We try to not do this to often but after several nights of bad sleep, it is always nice to know there is somewhere to turn.

Ready for Shurch

Just a regular Sunday morning. All dressed up in our backwards sweater vest minus the button up underneath. Nursery here we come!

Oh the fun

Contrary to the stressed look on Kate's face, she really enjoys unloading the toilet paper rolls for us. The stressed look is just because she thought she should have a turn with the camera and I disagreed. For future reference, if you ever get to wishing that you had someone to unroll your t.p. I can hook you up.

Good movie?

Jake likes to watch movies on the computer from time to time. This one must have been pretty good because I came in to check on him and he was out. Looks comfy, doesn't it?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Family pictures, summer 2007

Here are some of our favorite family pictures that we recently had taken while we were up in Yakima in August. Bryan is almost 30, Jessica is 29, Jake is 3, and Kate is 8 months. A family friend, Larry Swift, took them for us. Larry also took our engagement pictures. Enjoy and let us know which one or ones are your favorites and if we're feeling nice maybe we'll send you a copy.

Big girl

Kate hit the big nine month mark last Thursday. At her doctors appointment yesterday she weighed in at a whopping 17 lbs 14 oz, which puts her about the 25th percent. She is 28 inches long which puts her about the 65th percent. I don't know how big her head is but it is about the 50th percent which is always a relief to know that we won't have to get her hats abnormally large like her brother. She is crawling everywhere as fast as can be. She pulls up on anything she can and cruises around the furniture. She is such a happy and loud girl. She screams for fun and growls when she is playing with toys. Though she is a little stingy with them, she has started giving kisses and will wave good bye when she is in the mood. Her blond hair is painfully slow coming in, but it looks like it will have some curl to it. She is trying more and more table food and loves sitting up to the table with us when we eat. We used to refer to her as the anti-cuddle because she was so wiggly and wanted her own space. She has softened in her old age and now will snuggle up especially if you are holding her favorite blanket. I know nine months isn't that long, but it seems like forever since we met and started loving her.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hellgate Excursion trip

Here are some pictures from our trip to Grants Pass on Labor Day. We went on a jet boat excursion 16 miles up the Rogue River into Hellgate Canyon, ate lunch, and then came 16 miles back to our starting point. It was really fun and we would encourage anybody who comes down to the Medford area to visit us during the summer months to talk us in to going on it with them.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Happy 30 to Bryan!!!!

Sunday September 2nd was Bryan's 30th birthday. The day was pretty ordinary, but we think Bryan is anything but. He brings so much happiness, humor, safety, love and a million other things to our little family. There is no one like him, and that's the way we like it. SHMILY!!!!

What is wrong with this picture?

Is it the fingerprints all over the TV screen? Is it, though not very noticeable in this picture, the Christmas garland that has found a permanent home across the top of the entertainment center? Or is it the three year old contortionist who crammed himself into one of the bottom shelves. He folds quite nicely.

Can I get a tissue?

Monday, September 03, 2007

Yakima summer trip 2007

Here is a quick slide show of the pictures we took on our trip to Yakima, Washington. We went up to visit Bryan's side of the family and see friends too, but you wouldn't know by these pictures. It turns out that we are horrible picture takers because the only people who got some camera time besides Jake, Kate, Jessica, and Bryan were Bryan's dad and Wesley, who is one of Jake and Kate's cousins. That kind of sucks too because we saw a lot of family and friends. Sorry...we'll get you next time.

Sunday, September 02, 2007

Kendell Alan Williams 13 May 1988 - 13 August 2007

Our family sufferd a loss on Monday August 13, 2007 when our nephew, Kendell Alan Williams, passed away due to injuries sustained in a motorcycle accident. He lived life to the fullest and while we will always miss him he will always remain in our hearts.

Friday, August 10, 2007

So helpful

Jake has been wanting to help me unload the dishwasher lately. Silverware seems to be the thing that keeps him busy the longest so I can get the rest put away up high without "help". Doesn't he do a great job!

Short wet hair = Velcro

I leave Caitlin alone with my baby in the tub for two minutes, and this is what happens.

Sad little Mohawk

I was trying to get a picture of Kate's little Mohawk that shows that she does in fact have a little bit of hair. I think it is also a very authentic picture of the face she makes when she is whining.

Monday, August 06, 2007

Drop and give me 20

It is never to early to start teaching the importance of physical fitness.

Ready for church

Lazy eye (she gets that from her dad) and all.