Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The newest addition to the family...Scotch Tape

Jake likes artistic things. Drawing, painting, cutting paper and taping it back together into different shapes. Since he likes to do that last one so much, his grandparents got him a ream of paper and a six pack of scotch tape, among other art supplies, for his birthday. Well the taping of things took on a life of its own. Why stop at taping paper when it can stick to so many things?
If you want your sister to stay out, tape your door nob. Luckily she is two so this strategy worked.
Just in cast that same sister grew three feet and could reach your lockers full of your prized possessions, tape them closed. Kind of.
I think this was being taped on, but not all of it has an obvious reason behind it.Like this one? Apparently tape also doubles as spiderwebs and if you are making your room into a haunted house you just put it everywhere to make things scary.More scariness?These are the remnants of what is left from when he taped some of his stuffed animals to the net.And what toy bin handle doesn't need a little tape?
These pictures hardly do justice to the presence that tape has had in our lives. It is on clothes when I get them out of the dryer. It is on blankets as I tuck the kids into bed. No less than 15 strands of it where used to block his entire doorway, as high as he could reach, to also keep people out. That worked a little too well because he can reach high these days and I could not step over it to get in his room to put laundry away. I find it on the carpet and even stuck to the bottom of peoples feet. The first six pack has long sense come and gone (over 6600 feet of tape might I add) but luckily Jake has a grandpa who would hate to see him go without tape, so he is now on the last roll of his second six pack. That is literally miles of tape that have come and gone through our home. I guess it is a small and sticky price to pay for his good time. Like his grandpa texted me,"His to enjoy, yours to clean up." So true.

Monday, July 13, 2009

Video highlights

Here are some videos from the last few months also. Fun times.

This first video is yet again Kate limping after scraping her knee. Telling her to "walk it off" is pretty much not going to happen, especially if she is going to walk like that.

This next video is of Mason. He is 2 and loves to wrestle. Then there is Jake. He is 5 and is ticklish and thinks that wrestling is so funny that any skill he might have is rendered useless by laughing. Then there is Kate. I guess her contribution to the whole event is a good back scratch.

Pretty much the whole month of June was full of thunderstorms. A lot of the mornings were nice but by afternoon the clouds would roll in. The kids thought it was pretty fun to watch. Here they were one afternoon watching a storm.

One night just before bed, the kids started playing this game. I don't know where it came from and have not seen it since. Jake tries to explain it but you can't really understand what he is saying. It is fun to watch them have fun together. Even if we have no clue what they are doing.

Some fun news

So we wanted to share some fun news and Bryan thought of this fun way to do it. We are going to have a little quiz. It will be multiple choice and you can leave your answer in the comment box. Comments must be left in the comment box before any phone calls will be accepted by us to give you the correct answer. Now you don't have to call to get the answer if you don't want to because we will post the correct answer in a few days. If you do call though, remember, we will only give you the correct answer if have left a comment. No calling other people to see if they already know the right answer because that would be cheating and we don't look highly upon cheaters. Good luck and the winner will get the knowledge of having answered correctly. What a prize!?

The fun news is...

A) We are moving...again...this time to the Phoenix, Arizona area because 2000 square foot, 3 year old houses that have 4 bedrooms, 2 baths, and a 2 car garage are selling for $85,000!

B) Bry is getting into the licenced banker program because he is awesome.

C) Jessica is pregnant, and we're thinking about naming him or her Quad or Quatro since this will be number 4! Pretty cool names, right?

D) After some pre-kindergarten evaluation we found out that Jake is going straight to first grade, following in the similar footsteps of his Uncle Mikel, who skipped 3rd grade.

E) Kate can bench press 50 pounds.

Sunday, July 12, 2009

I know. It has been forever.

Between trips, babysitting, preschool, graduating from preschool, and life in general, I have not taken the time to post. Don't think that I haven't heard about it from MANY different people. Now it has been so long that I can't help but feel really behind so these may not be the way I would have posted them when they happened, but much shorter in the interest of time. Here are the last few months in a nut shell...
While Bry and I were in Vegas, the kids were in Oregon with my parents. Then we joined them for the rest of the week. They were happy to see us when we got there, but I don't think that many(if any) tears were shed in our absence because "dapa and dapa" know how to show a kid a good time. When we got there we got to go to Wild Life Safari.

Here is Jake feeding a goat.Kate would not feed a goat but would pose as a sheep.
I just had so show how comfy this guy looks.
The rest of the time in Medford was spent hanging out with family and visiting friends. The kids love hanging out with cousins.
Kate snuck in time to take a ride in dapa's car...and time to hold Caitlin's kitty.The ride home was long, but Jake is usually a happy traveler.

Kate struggles a bit more with traveling, but she did sneak a little snooze in. Once we got back to Utah it was busy life as usual.

Kate had some serious bed head.
Jake had his big preschool graduation. He had a great year and a great teacher. He was a little sad to realize that he was not going back there but once we told him he had to start kindergarten he recovered quickly. Here he is with his class. His waving hand blocks his cute face.Waiting for the big moment...and here it is. He had to hold his hat on when we was walking. He is growing up so fast.
Kate got a bike from her cousin Jamie while we were in Oregon and it only took a day or two before she was a pro at zipping around on it. Since she has a need for speed we got her a helmet. She also really wanted one because Jake wears his whenever he rides his bike and she must do whatever he does. Here she is sporting her helmet where you are supposed to wear it, on your bike.
She was a bit obsessed for a while so she wanted to wear it all the time. Here she is protecting her head while watching t.v. Safety first I guess.

So there you are...a few happenings from the last couple months. Now on to the next post. This may be the last one you read because it is the oldest so if that is the case, you are done.