Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Who needs Saturday morning cartoons...

when "The Adventures of SharkBoy and LavaGirl" comes in 3-D!

He's taught her a thing or two

What does a coyote say?

To explain this a little before you watch...There is a big park about half a mile from our house. It has baseball fields, batting cages, play areas and also a small zoo. When I say zoo you may be thinking elephants and giraffes, but that is not the case. They have monkeys, birds, bobcats, a wallaby, ducks, turtles, elk, eagles, coyotes, a porcupine, and several other small animals. The zoo is so small that the 2 dollars it costs to get all of us in is paid on the honor system. Though it might not be exciting for older kids, my kids love it. We met some friends there not so long ago and while we were there the coyotes were howling about something. Kate has been very interested in what coyotes say ever since. Enjoy the show. Please try to look past the older brother who was throwing magnets at Kate's head. That was put to an end as soon as the camera was off.

Family Carnival at USU

A couple Saturdays ago they had Family Day up at USU before the big football game against UofU. The kids enjoyed candy, a fishing pond, climbing on a big tractor, Jake dug for dinosaur bones, and the traditional carnival type stuff. The highlight was Jake getting to pet/hold a snake. He is getting more brave in his old age. We had a fun time, but unfortunately I can not say the same for USU football. They got spanked AGAIN. At least they scored this game!
No fear in that smile.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Tags, tags, everywhere

I've been tagged a few times now so i finally decided to do several at once to try to make up for lost time.

20 years ago...
*I was 10 years old.
*I lived in Salem, OR.
*I played YMCA basketball and Soccer.
*Mr. Ball was my 5th grade teacher.

10 years ago...
*I was 20 years old.
*I had just graduated from Ricks College(not BYU-I).
*I was working as a nanny and at a doctors office.
*I was hopelessly devoted to the missionary that I was writing(seriously Jessica, you liked him why?)

5 years ago...
*I was 25.
*We spent ridiculous amounts of time at hospitals between being with Ben and my cancer.
*Went on a trip back east including Pennsylvania to see Trevor, Shae and Wes, church history cites, and New York City. So much fun!
*Was pregnant with Jake.

3 years ago...
*I was 27.
*We moved from Michigan back to Logan.
*I started watching Brynn who is now Jake's BFF.
*We spent Christmas at our house for the first time. My parents and little sis Caitlin came and so did Bry's bro Mikel and sis Brittany.

1 year ago...
*I was 29.
*We lived in Talent, OR.
*We hung out with the Lakes ALL the time
*We got to spend a lot of time with my family. Good times.

*I was 30. Crazy to say that.
*I did laundry.
*Jake and I tried out a new recipe for cinnamon muffins. Yummy.
*I made a list of recipe's for menu ideas.

*Still 30. Still crazy
*We took Jake to school.
*We went to Wal-Mart and Old Navy.
*I did some blogging.

*I will take the kids to the park, if it isn't raining.
*I will scrub the bathroom.
*We will rent a movie to watch after Bry gets off work.
*I will start going through Kate's drawers to sort out clothes that she has grown out of.

Next year...
*I will be the same age as my husband. 31!
*I want to run several half marathons and some other 5 and 10k's.
*We will be moved into a house.
*I want to have a garden.

On to the next tag...

4 things I adore about my husband?
1. He's Hot!!!!
2. He makes me, the kids, and lots of people laugh all the time.
3. He is always willing to help other people i.e. move, with their car.
4. He is constantly trying to challenge himself and try new things.

4 movies I would watch more than once?
1. Mama Mia
2. Clueless
3. Oceans 11-13
4. Shawshank Redemption

4 TV shows I watch the most?
1. Biggest Looser
2. The Office
3. Jon and Kate plus 8
4. Greys Anatomy

4 Places I have been?
1. Mexico
2. Hawaii
3. Michigan
4. New York City

4 Favorite Foods?
1. Candy!
2. Steak
3. Fresh Fruit
4. Homemade Ice Cream

4 places I would like to visit?
1. Italy
2. France
3. Ireland
4. Hawaii with my husband

Now that I have done that, I am going to tag a few myself. I would love to read about all my Ricks Roomies, that means you too Jaime, and Jessie. Can't wait to read about you!

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

I'm a big kid now!

Is it just me or does Kate not look like such a big kid these day? After she, in no uncertain terms, picked out her outfit this morning and I got her dressed, I noticed that she is sooo not a baby and hardly even a toddler anymore. She is a cute little girl...and Bryan wanted me to add, daddy's little girl.
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Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Happy 31st Birthday My Love

Sure the sweater was too small and the wallet was not quite right, but maybe in the next 31 years I will have better luck with the gift buying. By then we will be in our 60's so I might have it figured out by then. We love you best!

So long Bear Lake trips, for the summer

We made our final trip up to Bear Lake for the season, on Saturday. We got there earlier than we had before, set up, ate, played for hours, and when the wind picked up so did we, and we headed home. We all had a great time, and crashed hard for the night. We will miss you Lake, till next year.

Just passing the time

I don't yet trust Kate to not get into things while I am in the shower. I always get some toys and books and stick her in the crib while I clean up. The other day Bryan came home while I was in the shower and found that she had been having someone hand her things while she was locked up and then laid down amongst the mess to read. Funny girl.