Saturday, November 18, 2006

Swinging and sliding

Jake loves to 'wing and go down slides when he goes to the park. Here is the evidence.

This was a twisty-tube slide that Jake fell in love with. I helped him to the top the first time and ended up having to push him down the slide since he wouldn't go because he said he was scared. After that though, he was going down, jumping off, running back over to and up the stairs, and sliding down the slide again .... over and over and over all by himself.

Sunday, November 12, 2006

The new and improved Bryan

As you can tell, my recent allergic reaction has really gotten to me. My hair grew out pretty long and I got some serious facial hair. Just kidding! This is my younger brother, Mikel. He came down to Logan with Sage (his roommate, friend, lover?) to go to a training event featuring world famous speaker, George Zalucki ( It was a great time, but Mikel showed up sporting this mustache thing so we had a little fun with it.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

The after-effects of Phobia Factor

There were a few adverse effects from my competition in Phobia Factor. First, I vomited a color I have never vomited before. Even worse though, I had some allergic reaction. We are thinking it had something to do with the pigs feet/legs, but we aren't sure. Regardless, immediately after I was done with the event my eyes were red and swollen and I couldn't talk because my throat and vocal cords were swelling up. After I threw up that got better though. Once we got home I showered (as proof by this picture) to try to wash whatever was on my body off. It didn't work too well though because I had hives from head to toe and was red all over. So we visited the InstaCare and I got a shot of steroids in my right butt-cheek. Additionally I will be on some steroid pills until Thanksgiving. All is good though and my stomach is feeling good and my breath is getting back to normal, or in other words, not so cat-like.

Phobia Factor, Round 3

This was a crazy obstacle course-type event. First I had to bob for pigs feet/legs in this big, deep trough of water. Then I had to go run to the next table and eat a worm hot dog. At the next table I had to drink a milk shake of raw liver and buttermilk, which actually wasn't that bad, although I don't think I'll be substituting it for egg nog during the holidays.

Following that I ate ten live crickets. That's the picture of me with my milk shake still running down my face. Next (not pictured) I had to grind up tripe (cows stomach) and put the grindings in my mouth and transfer them to another bowl. Last, I had to eat a can of the wet Friskies cat food, which was disgusting.

That was it though, and I won! I had the quickest time at 3:38. The closest person to me got 3:42, but other than him nobody else was close. Jessica and I won $5,000, which will be enough to pay off the car and go out to dinner.

Phobia Factor, Round 2

No pictures, just a run-down. This round was like a mini Amazing Race/scavenger hunt. We were given 15 clues about 15 different businesses around the valley. We had to first figure out which businesses the clues were talking about and then go to each of those businesses and get a letter from them. After we got all the letters we had to figure out what they were spelling, which ended up being PUBLIC STUPIDITY. The reason for those words was probably because in going around to each of these businesses we could only have our swimming suits and shoes on, nothing else. Kind of embarrassing, but fun. We could bring people with us and use as many resources as we could think of so I had three of my friends with me. Jason was driving, Reese and Travis were focusing on figuring out what the letters spelled, I was running into businesses like a weirdo, and all of us were calling other friends and family members asking for help with the clues. I came in 5th out of 22, which was good enough for the 10 person cut-off to get to Round 3.


Here is the best picture we could find of Jake in his "Dinosaur" costume. It's tough to get a good picture of him sometimes. Also tough, was the fact that Jake was scared of all the other kids that were dressed up and trick-or-treating. We kept telling him that they were just dressed up like he was, but that didn't help. Hopefully next year he will do better because I (Bryan) am not going to carry him around again. The dude is getting heavy. The other picture is his booty of candy. My younger brother, Mikel, and I used to come home after trick-or-treating and separate our candy into piles according to the type, size, etc., and so I did the same thing with Jake's candy. It was fun.