Monday, June 30, 2008

New Do

It has taken so freaking long for this girl to get any hair that we(or I) get excited about each new stage. I'm sure they will look hammered after her nap, but they sure were cute piggy's for the morning.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Bear Lake

Last weekend we went with our neighbors/friends Reese, Lacey and Mason to Bear Lake for the day. It was pretty hot so it was a great day for some water fun. We packed lunches, toys and towels and headed out of town(there was actually enough stuff with us to survive for a week but we always over pack with kids). We found a great spot with a sand bar dividing a small warm pool of water and the lake so the kids could play a little safer and warmer. The kids dug and splashed. Bry and Reese swam out to one of the buoys and then played with the kids forever. Lacey and I layed out and took our turn swimming out to the buoy. It was much farther than it looked once we got started. The adults all got sunburned and we came home with about a ton of sand. It was the first of many lake days for the summer!

I guess Kate can't learn everything from Jake

Kate's facts and figures

Kate hit the 18 month mark this month. Yeah for nursery!!! She also had her check up last week. She is 34 inches tall and 25 pounds. That makes her pretty average for her weight and on the pretty darn tall side for girls. I guess we won't be to shocked if she ends up on the tall side. She climbs up on everything she can, is starting to say more and more(even though we are the only ones who can really understand her), and she keeps us laughing everyday. Kate is one busy girl but we would not have it any other way(except during sacrament meeting)!
Look at that sassy face!

For some reason every time we head to the pool she gets this hat. Not sure why.

Monday, June 16, 2008

The Next Karate Kid?

Never had one lesson.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Silly goodnight

As you can see the kids were a little wound up last night before bed. For as much as Kate bothers Jake sometimes, it is good to see him think she is pretty funny too. As for Kate, she can be pretty random sometimes. What a nut. Sorry this is a bit dark, we don't believe in light bulbs.

Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Official!

We are once again Loganites. Someone at church on Sunday joked about the Logan vortex and I guess it got us again. It feels like a bit of a time warp to be back here but it is nice to feel comfy from the get go. We got here on Memorial Day and go everything moved in that night. Then we spent the next three days unpacking and Bry went job hunting. Luckily the job hunting took a fraction of the time the unpacking did. That Friday morning we left for AZ to see Ethan and Ashley and be there for Logan's b-day and Gavins blessing. I wish I could now insert all the pictures of the fun times we had but since I forgot our camera (who does that?!) you will have to take my word for it. We left AZ on Tuesday and headed to Vegas baby. We got to visit our fun friends from Michigan Brice and Lindsey and there two kiddos Kaylee and Tyler. Once again I would love to post pictures of how fun it was to see them but that is just not going to happen. Then Wednesday it was back home. We spent the rest of that week getting loose ends tied up. This past Monday Bryan started school and work. Busy busy!! He found a job that seems to be a good fit for him and other than getting used to the new schedule, it should be great. The kids seem to be transitioning well but sometimes I don't think they get that we are staying here. They are enjoying all the kids we have near by to play with. I sent out a mass email with our new contact info on it so if you did not get it just make a comment on here and I will send it your way again. All in all we are glad to be here. We do miss family and friends in Oregon badly (my dad has turned into Jake's imaginary friend that does all sorts of crazy stuff) but this seems to be a good place for us now. The way we keep bouncing back here we might as well just stay!