Thursday, April 30, 2009

That's just where I wanted those

Who needs a shoe rack and a closet floor when Kate can display your shoes so well all over the room?


The kids got to hunt for eggs a couple times, which they loved. Easter morning the Easter bunny had hidden eggs and a few other treats around for them to find, which was a hit. Jake woke up way before the sun was up and told Bryan that he thought he saw "the bunny" himself in the living room. After a quick look around Bryan found that there were no large bunnies in the house and then sent Jake back to bed. He did not make it back to sleep right away though. He spent some time looking around the house to see where some of the eggs were. Not too long after he finally fell back to sleep we heard noises from Kate's room. When I walked in to see her she was sitting on her bed with two open eggs next to her trying to hold the candy that they once held in her hands, trembling. She looked up at me and said(in her deep just woke up voice)," Dees are mine. Da bunny put dem in my room, on my titchen(kitchen)."
Can't spend time looking at the camera when you are finding eggs.
Though it may look possessed, it is really just a sleepy euphoria face.

The kids looked cute as could be in their Easter outfits. I sure was a slacker and did not get a picture of them though. We will dress them in them again one Sunday soon and take a picture then.

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Can you make a normal face?

Not to mention that cool outfit. Here we are at a neighborhood Easter egg hunt. These are the only pictures of Kate that I got. Isn't she lovely?

If they ask to do it it's not mean right?

This is a random stuff catching up post

It has been forever, so here are pictures and videos of some events that have transpired in the last month, in no particular order. I can't remember when all this happened...
Kyle came for a weekend and we took him to our awesome little zoo.

My baby grew up...ok a bit dramatic, but he did get registered for kindergarten. He can not wait!

We also found out that this beauty of a picture was given to him by his "girlfriend" at school. We asked what makes her his girlfriend and he said she is,"nice and fun." When asked if she knows she is his girlfriend he said,"I don't think so."

Here is a video of Kate. I don't know why she started doing this but whenever you ask her to show you her eyes this is what she does.

I started watching Brynn again and she loves to dance, much like Jake. Here is a long video with some pretty sweet moves hidden throughout. They are dancing to Jake's "cool" music, aka Bryan's old school hip hop CD.

Kate fell in the parking lot at Bryan's work and got her first pretty decent scrape on the knee. She limped around for several days afterward. I can only imagine what we are in for if real injury strikes. Her weird hitting of the box at the end is just that, her being weird hitting a box.