Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Holiday cheer and sea sickness

Here is Jake spreading some holiday cheer apparently from a rocking boat.


Kate has turned into quite the climber. From bar stools, to beds, to chairs, you name it she wants on it. This is the first time she got on the rocking horse by herself, hence the beaming face.

Sick funny kid

Jake got sick one night last week. He just threw up once and we never figured out why. As a precaution he spent the rest of the night with a bowl. He took the "hold this bowl" a little to seriously and literally kept his face in it. As you can see he also took it into bed with him and fell asleep with it at the ready.

If Kate had blue and green hair

Ashland parade

The day after Thanksgiving I went with the kids and some friends to a little parade and tree lighting in Ashland (Bryan had to work late, sad). It was pretty chilly and the parade only lasted about 10 minutes but at least we got to see Santa from a distance and have some hot chocolate.Jake on Matt's shoulders so he could see the parade Kate all bundled up.

Sunday, December 02, 2007

I'm walkin'

I know it is a bit fuzzy, but until I can get clips off our video camera on here it is what I've got. Kate is a walking fool and is getting faster by the day. She likes seeing things from a new viewpoint and I'm sure it won't be long before she is running around with Jake. Oh the simple days of putting babies on blankets and having them stay are gone. They were fun while they lasted but it is so fun to watch them grow.

More good times in the closet

Kate has taken to emptying the top shelf of my shoe rack and climbing up on it. We aren't quite sure what the attraction is but she is so proud perched up there. One night we found her in there in the dark by herself just as happy as can be.

She wakes up happy

Sure she is a little foggy looking in the morning, but how can you not smile when that is what you get to wake up to.

Our little "linky log" holder

Jake calls them "linky logs". Kate does not call them anything, partly because she can't talk and even if she could talk she always has them in her mouth. They are now stored up high because of the obvious choking hazard, but if she finds one anywhere she will haul it around in her mouth all day.

So tell me how you feel

Since Jake was pretty young we could name an emotion and he has a face to go with it. It turns out, he's still got it. Show me suprised.Show me mad. If only his real mad face looked this nice.Show me happy.

Let the catching up begin!

I have been reminded many times that I have been a big blogging slacker so I am making a come back. It is kind of funny though because I was asked the other day when Kate started walking and it just so happens to be when I stopped blogging. Coincidence, I think not. These first few pictures are some stragglers from Halloween. Bryan and the kiddos getting ready to carve the pumpkin and the finished product. We used little pegs that lit up when you turn the light on in the pumpkin. It would not show up on a picture in the dark so you get to see it with the light on. Then there is just a picture of Kate in her festive clothes.