Sunday, March 25, 2007


Here is our little girl on her best behavior. This is kind of a funny picture because Bryan had actually just told Kate a joke and as you can see from this picture, Kate is in the middle of applauding. She is very advanced in her motor skills.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Bath time or bust

So what do we have here? Above is Kate after a bath. She is usually pretty chill after baths, meaning she is usually pretty relaxed. Below is Kate and Jake together. Check out their noses. Other than the size difference, they are identical.

Missy Misdemeanor Kate

This outfit was bought for Kate by her Uncle Mikel. She pretty much is the coolest kid on the block when she is wearing this.

Get outta my face

Kate is not a fan of being on her belly, but here are a couple pictures of her in a good mood while being on her belly.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

LDS party

Here is everyone who was able to make it to Kate's blessing. From left to right you have Barbara (Bryan's cousin), Elva (Bryan's mom), Bryan, Jake, Jessica, Kate, Kelly (Jessica's mom), Robert (Jessica's dad), Jamie, Rachel (Jessica's sister), John (Rachel's husband), and A.J. After this picture we all took off to a bar and got drunk.

Three's company

These are Jake's two cousins that live here in the Medford area. Jamie is on the left (Jake's right) and A.J. is on the right (Jake's left).

3 generations for ya

As you can see, from left to right, you have Jake, Bryan, and Grandma Elva (McLaughlin). Grandma Elva really wanted to be on the blog so she is pretty excited about this picture. If you would like to see other pictures of her, though slightly inapropriate, go to

Kate's blessing dress

Here is our little girl all dressed up in her blessing dress. She was very cute and very considerate as she did not spit up on her dress. The bracelet was a gift from Jake's nursery teacher, Jamie Dawson.