Monday, July 30, 2007

Biter biscuits are good...

and messy!

Fun visit

Though we don't have any pictures of her for the blog, our sister-in-law Shae came for a visit a few weekends ago. It is always so fun to have her around and the kids love her. She and Bryan also got to go see Romeo and Juliet at the Shakespeare Festival in Ashland. They had a good time. Before she left on Sunday morning, Shae took a few pictures of the kids getting ready for church. Jake is holding his recorders that he got from his cousin Wesley. They don't get played as much as they get used as swords.

Feeling the music

There was no actual music being played, I just like this picture of Kate. It looks like she is snapping her fingers and really getting into some good music. Such a cute girl.

Children's festibal

Two weeks ago we went to a children's festival in Jacksonville. We went on Monday night, just the four of us, and again on Tuesday morning with Rachel and her kids. It worked out great to be able to go twice because there was so much to do that we could not have done it all Monday night. They had all kinds of crafts and things to do. We came home with bookmarks, hand prints, hand molds, a mask, macaroni necklace, homemade candle and many other things of great value. Jake's favorite thing by far was having his face painted. Not the actual act of having it painted, but the end product. He takes his role as spider man very seriously. Kate mostly just enjoyed being outside, the stroller ride, and a few bites of snow cone.
You can still see some of the white from the face painting on Jake's cheek in this crazy picture. Who sleeps like that anyway?

Monday, July 16, 2007

Give me a high...three?

Jake can trace his hand and even draw the fingernails on. Unfortunately he tends to forget to include his thumb and pinkie and the nails are closer to his knuckles than in real life. He is getting better all the time though. This particular time he was so proud that he went and got the camera and asked his Aunt Shae, who got to come visit for the weekend, to take a picture of it for him.

Going for a walk can be hard work

We have been taking the kids for walks in the evenings. It helps Jake get rid of extra energy and, as you can see, Kate gets really relaxed in the stroller. The other night while we were out Jake got tired of walking so Bryan put him up on his shoulders. Jake apparently had a good view into people's fenced backyards because when we walked past one house he looked over and asked "What's cooking?". I heard a little chuckle from the person barbecuing and we had a good one ourselves.

Is there a weight limit on this?

There's nothing like trying to get attention with a baby sister around.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Swimming cousins

John and Rachel got a pool for their backyard so we went over yesterday to try it out. It took Kate a minute to get used to the temperature of the water but after that she was loving splashing and kicking around. Jake preferred to spend his time on the floating turtle outfitted with his life vest, goggles, and a snorkel for safety. Jamie was trying to talk him into playing with her in the water some but he was not persuaded. AJ and Jamie are such good swimmers that I hope Jake will see how much fun they are having and be motivated to venture out a bit more. We still have plenty of summer left for that to happen.

Happy 4th

We had a fun, but pretty hot day on the 4th. We went to the parade in Central Point with John, Rachel, AJ, Jamie, Caitlin, and my parents in the morning. I forgot the camera so we don't have any proof that we went except for the bowl full of candy, stickers, and necklaces that Jake brought home. Everyone enjoyed themselves in spite of the heat. When we got home the kids crashed for most of the afternoon then we headed up to my parents house for a BBQ. Yum!!!! Then we went out to Eagle Point for the fireworks. Kate smiled and kicked her legs for most of the show. Jake said he loved them, clapped for them, but was mostly just excited to be sitting next to AJ who was getting a little sleepy.

Bag head Jake

Jake thought it would be funny to put this bag on his head the other day. Then the fun continued by putting his arms through the straps. He decided that I should take a picture of him, which he looked at and laughed. All the good times came to an abrupt halt when he needed to go to the bathroom and could not get his arms down. What a nut.