Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday night fair fun

The county fair was in town last weekend. It is a block and a half from our house so there really is no way around going. It turns out we are sure glad we did. Bry had to work at a Wells Fargo booth Thursday and Saturday night, so Friday night it was. A cold front moved through so it we started out in short sleeves and I ended up making a trip home to grab coats. So nice. We are excited about the new kiddo on the way, but it was such a simple evening with no diaper bags, strollers, or bedtime worries. The camera was the only thing in hand beside each others hands. The first ride Jake went on Kate just wanted to watch, but after that she was ready to go on everything he did. They went from ride to ride with smiles the whole night. We made a pit stop by all the food and ended up with churros and a shared bag of cotton candy. I think the fact that we had spent the week before apart made being together seem that much better. Just our little family, having a great time, in the nice weather, in our little town. It was like all was right with the world. We finally walked the few blocks home at 10:30 and the kids crashed, sleeping until after 9:30 the next morning. I have to say, for me anyway, it was a night to remember.

Please excuse the fuzzy pictures. Between the lighting and the moving targets, it was hard to get clear pictures.

Here are a few videos of the kids. When they were not on rides, they could not hold still. They were sure funny to watch. Keep in mind they had only shared part of a bag of cotton candy so it was not all sugar rush. I'll blame some of it on the excitement of the night it guess.

The quiz answer is...

Most of you already know, but we are adding kid #4 to our family this Christmas. Here are a few pictures from the big ultrasound last week. Can you tell it's a boy? A bit too much info?

Though Bryan says this is spooky, the arrow is pointing to his upper lip. To the left of that is his nose and to the right is his bottom lip.Feet. They could end up size 15.The upper left picture is his little bum.

Now if we could agree on a name. It is hard enough between Bryan and I to agree, not to mention the fact that Jake has quite an opinion about it. Hopefully we will get this one named before he is born.

Caitlin came to visit

Caitlin came home from Oregon with us and stayed for a few days. It was like old times, except she didn't do laundry when she was here. It was so great to have her here. We did not take pictures of anything but here is Kate wearing her sunglasses that she forgot.

All things Oregon

The last week in July my parents came out, from Oregon, for my brother and his wife's graduation, and we were lucky enough to snag them for a few days before they headed up to Rexburg. One of the days we made it down to Thanksgiving point and the kids LOVED it again. Kate even made it all the way through the IMAX movie this time.

A few days after my parents left, we loaded up and left bright and early for a fun filled week of family events in Oregon. Sadly, Bry could only stay for the first few days, and was missed like crazy the rest of the week. During the week we enjoyed family dinners, church at our old ward, three days at the coast, shopping, Caitlin's sealing, Jamie's baptism, many different sleeping arrangements, and tons of cousins having fun.

Here is a little video of Jake touching the shark at Ocean World. He had been waiting years to do this!

Summer Recap

Since I have done next to no blogging this summer I thought it was about time to let you all know what we have been up to. The sad thing is that we were not always so great with the picture taking, so some of it you will just have to take my word for it.
The end of June and the first part of July we spent a week in Washington and got to see Bryan's whole family, at one time or another, as well as some good friends. We got to relax, go to parks, ride bikes, swim at Jan and Jim's, eat dinner with someone different almost every night, play some games, watch fireworks on the 3rd, have a big barbecue on the 4th, and relax some more. We all had such a great time. Once again, it is to bad we have so few pictures. Here is a slide show of a very few things that we did.

This was just a pic of the kids looking and acting cute before church one Sunday. Sure love them.These are some cool glasses I found in a box when I was sorting things for our yard sale and Kate loves them. They look great, don't they?

On of the last few weekends in July we got together with two other families and had a yard sale. I love getting rid of stuff! We opened pretty early so we could get closed down early as well. We all made a decent amount cash, cleaned up, and headed to Bear Lake. We haven't got to spend much time up there because of the traveling and other stuff we have had going on. We were so excited to go and the lake did not disappoint. Sun, warmish water, bbq hot dogs(minus the buns, sorry again guys), and relaxing. Definitely one of the funnest things to do in the summer.

Well this is getting to be too long of a post so I suppose I will move on to the next and talk about all things Oregon...kind of.