Thursday, July 31, 2008

And the winner is...

Out of the many summer blockbuster movies that have come out this summer you, the voters, have chosen Batman, The Dark Knight, as what you believe to be the best movie of the summer. With The Dark Knight capturing over 40% of the votes, Iron Man and WallE followed as a distant second and third place respectively. So with that, we will put our trust in you and as part of our 7-year wedding anniversary dinner and a movie extravaganza we will go to the movie theater and watch Batman, The Dark Knight. You think this is a big celebration just wait until our 10-year anniversary. By then not only will we go to dinner and a movie, but we'll actually buy treats at the theater instead of sneaking in our own. Thank you for your participation.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Pioneer Day and the weekend

Here in good old Utah, July 24th is a state holiday complete with 4th of July type celebrations. We started the fun bright and early at 7:30 when Jake and I ran the one mile fun run. It was his first race and he did great! He ran all but a few steps. He loved crossing the finish line and the Gatorade that was there for us. Here we are post race.
Bryan woke Kate up and ran down to meet us at the finish line.
Here is what my dad got me dressed in to go to the race. Bryan played in a three on three competition.
Kate napped while Jake watched the parade and ate candy. In the afternoon, after Bry went to work, my friend and I took the kids to the park for festivities. Here is the jump house fun.

After running around in the heat, we got snow cones and headed to play bingo. It was a little long, but Jake ended up getting a bingo and winning a snow cone maker and some yummy syrups. Then home for dinner, baths, and to bed early. Bry and I got to step outside after dark and watch fireworks from our yard. It was a long, tiring, but fun filled day. Friday was business as usual. Then Saturday we spent the morning failing miserably at yard saleing. Then we were off to the pool to cool off. Jake is getting more and more brave every time we go. This time he was going under water on his own over and over just for fun. Before long he might be swimming.
Bryan and Kate playing around.

Mom and Kate squinting in the sun.After the pool we headed home to have a BBQ with friends. More homemade ice cream. Can't seem to get enough of that this summer. And a good time was had by all.

Seriously, that face

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bear Lake, take two... enter jet skis

We headed back up to Bear Lake yesterday for some more fun in the sand and sun. We went with the same good buddies that we went with last time, and this time they had Reese's dad's jet skis. It was another great day and we didn't get nearly as sunburned.

Was it a massacre?

I was walking down the hall the other day and I looked into Jake's room and this is what I saw.
The hand gun on the bed makes it look especially violent.Without jumping to to many conclusions about Jake's future prison time, I decide to ask what it was he was playing. The explanation is so much nicer than it looks. He was playing Tarzan and those are the "vines" he swings from. He could not get the animals to hang by their hands so their necks were the next best thing. Apparently the gun belonged to the hunters that were after them. This boy has one heck of an imagination!

Happy and we know it

The kids have both been into "If you are happy and you know it..." lately. Here is them enjoying it the other morning. Jake is more just going through the motions this time. Please excuse the voice off camera. I realize I won't be winning American Idol ever.

4th Festivities

We had a great time the weekend of the 4th. Being here in Logan we are lucky enough to have the fun start a day early. For some reason the city puts on their big show the 3rd. We headed down to the Bryan's work with some friends to sit out on the lawns to watch the show. There is a great view of the football stadium from there. We had lots of yummy treats and the kids ran around until the fireworks started. Both the kids loved the fireworks. The next day we went to the pool, had friends over for BBQ(complete with homemade ice cream, yum!), the neighborhood over for smores, and staying up late again for a decidedly smaller firework display. Other than the sleep deprivation for the kids, it was a great time.
Kate dressed for the big show. Thanks for the shirt Nano!The kiddos watching the fireworks.
Every kid from miles around wanting marshmallows.
Jake mastering the roast. I'm pretty sure he tested the chocolate.Who's next? I think Lacey is ready.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008