Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Bluths came to town

The day after Christmas Ethan, Ashley, and their kiddos came to town. It was so fun to have them here, even if we have pretty tight quarters. It turns out I took hardly any pictures. Here is one of the few I took. All the kids together. It is crazy that getting together with just one of my siblings equals 6 kids. That is a lot of kids.
From left to right: Jake, Ian, Logan, Jane, Kate, and Gavin.

Christmas festivities

This Christmas we stayed here in good old Logan. It was a really nice and relaxing holiday. It seemed like the month or two before hand had been super busy, so it was great to have such a quiet and mellow time. The two days played out as follows: Christmas eve Bryan worked and the kids and I made and decorated cookies for Santa. We went to visit some friends(the Huffakers) early in the evening and then came home to have our traditional dinner of cheese zombies, tomato soup, and eggnog punch. Then it was time to open gifts. The kids were SO excited!
Here they are each holding up their first gift of the evening.

Here is Bry with his huge mug of eggnog punch.
Here is Ian, obviously thrilled with this gift:)
After opening all the gifts from family, the kids played for a while and then they were off to bed. Bry and I got to spend a good chunk of the night doing prep work for the next morning that we should have done before, but never quite got around to. After being up late and feeding Ian during the night, we were hoping Jake and Kate would sleep in a bit Christmas morning. When I heard whispers and footsteps at 6:30 I was not quite ready to get up. The kids did not seem to care too much about how tired I was, they just wanted to see what Santa brought.
Here is Jake just before they started to dig in.
And here is sleepy looking Kate ready to go.
Here is the aftermath of the two of them.
By about three that afternoon here is what everyone was doing...
Ian was just hanging out in his Christmas p.j.'s.
Jake had a very Transformers Christmas so he was transforming away the day.
Kate passed out in the chair watching a movie.
And Bryan disappeared for a while. I found this.

What a great Christmas!

Ian came home!

December 9th we got to finally bring Ian home. His big brother and sister could not wait to see him.
All ready to head home.
Checking him out. I love how you can see pickpocket Kate's hand stealing Bryan's pen.
Jake's first time holding Ian.
Kate's first time holding Ian.
That is one proud big brother!

An ode to Kate

December 6th our girl had her 3rd birthday. The last 3 years have flown by, but she sure seems older than three sometimes. The things she talks about and says never stop surprising or shocking us. Here are a few photo highlights from the last month or so...
Always posing.
Boy can she put an outfit together. Snow boots, bike helmet and knee pads? Really?
In her "exercise clothes". Just like mine, so she said. Please tell me that is not how I look when I work out!
Oh the chapstick!
Fake glasses and shifty eyes.
Breakfast with her babies, princess cell phone, crown, and stroller. Can't forget the necklace, bracelet, and tutu. She can be quite girly.
Breaking into her birthday gifts.
This girl keeps us on our toes every day, but nothing would be the same with out her. Who knew a girl could be this fun?!

Decorating the tree

The first week of December we got the tree put up and decorated. Here are a few action shots of the kids.

Not sure what this is about...

All pooped out after. Was it really that hard?
The finished product.