Tuesday, November 25, 2008

This is for you Bryan Tait

Yes she is on the toilet. I don't choose when she tells me she is daddy's girl. I just record it for her dad.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

"All the women who are independent, Throw your hands up at me!"

Kate's favorite phrase these days is," No, me do it!" Whether it she needs help with getting dressed, putting shoes on, buckling her car seat, brushing her teeth, putting her coat on, zipping it up, reading books, singing songs, she can do it all if you ask her. That is what she is saying as she tries to get her p.j.'s on in the video. That is also what she said before she put her shirt on backwards and inside out. We sure love this independent, exhausting girl.

What is in your hair?

We have been able to avoid some typical parenting experiences thus far i.e. removing things from ears or noses, clogged toilets due to little ones filling it with t.p., and things of that sort (knock on wood). But Jake decided now that he is creeping up on turning 5 he might as well experiment with his gum. I've cleaned it off his fingers and cheeks before, but this is the first time I had to get it out of his hair. When I asked him how it got in his hair he said," I took it out of my mouth and put it in my hair." At least he's honest.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Family Pics

A couple weeks ago we had a friend of ours from church take family pictures for us. Her name is Danielle and this is something that she does on the side in addition to working full time as an RN, being a mom and a wife. She did such a great job. We have so many fun ones to choose from. Thanks again Danielle! We hope you enjoy and if there are any requests let us know. We could hook you up:)

Monday, November 03, 2008

Where is Kate?

Busy Halloween

We started the trick or treating action nice and early. On main street the shops offer trick or treating to the kids from 10a.m until 6p.m. It was nice to be able to go early and be able to avoid bigger kids. I had the little guy that I babysit,Merrick, with us and Lacey and Mason came too. We had Incredible Hulk, Batman, a giraffe, and a gorilla. Jake and Merrick loved it. Kate just wanted to eat each piece of candy she got. That continued all day. You will notice in a lot of the pictures she is looking or reaching in her bucket. We finished there in time to come home eat lunch and put the little ones down for a snooze. Then Jake, still Hulk, Kate, now a fairy, and I headed to trick or treat with Brynn at her mom Marci's work. Again good times and Kate eating candy at will. From there we went to see Bry at work and get candy there. Finally we made rounds at the mall since it is in the same parking lot as Bry's work. By the time we finished there and we got in the car it was all of 5:07. And we were done! We came home had some dinner and went to the Huffakers house to visit. It was a fun and tiring day for all.