Thursday, April 08, 2010


Dan and Gail came to visit last month. We had a great time with them. On one of the days we drove down south by Salt Lake and went to The Living Planet Aquarium. The kids had the best time. They got to pet a stingray and a sea star. There were so many things for them to see there they could have spent all day.
Checking out the stingray.
The stingrays would swim up on the side. The kids were too scared to touch them then.
I swear they had a great time even though they don't look very excited here.
Not sure what is up with Jake here.

Maybe we should get her some lessons


This will not be in any type of order really, but here is a little of what we have done in the last few months...

These two got to hunt for Easter eggs a few times.

They like to sort their candy. They get that from their dad.

Kate slept in a Christmas dress in March.

Bry and the kids built this robot.

I went to lunch with these cute girls. We were roommates at Ricks, oh so many years ago. Sure love them!

Jake came home from school with a math packet. Kate wanted one. Here is one of the pages from his packet.

Here is the one he made for her. What a nice brother.

Kate worked her fashion magic. Nice belly kid.
We had a fun Valentines day with these two.
We went to a fun Superbowl party and cheered for the Saints. That's why they have the beads. Bry had them from his mission.
Kate played with Ian...a lot...if he liked it or not.
Jake built this "transformer" out of blocks. I think he thinks it is pretty cool.
Maybe now I will stay caught up better...maybe.

Little Bud Bud

So I have heard a lot of people ask for updates on Ian. Kate has dubbed him "little bud bud" and it seems to have caught on. This past Monday he weighed in at a whopping 13 pounds 9 ounces and is 24 1/4 inches long. Still not massive, but not so tiny either. He is one happy guy, smiling all the time. He sleeps great and loves his big brother and sister.

This video is dark but you can hear how chatty he is these days. We love it.

And here he is today. Can't seem to get enough of this kid.

Snow days!

This winter did not have as many days good for playing in the snow as we did last year. We did get to get out and enjoy it a bit though. Here are some picture and video highlights.
Ready to go.
Tiny little snowman.

Looks like she has been out there for a while.
Cute kid.

Heading down the hill with Dad.
Here is Bryan giving the snowboarding on a sled (from last year)a second try.

And this last 2 second video is of me and Bry trying to take a picture of ourselves but the camera was on video. Smart.