Monday, November 08, 2010

The pumpkin patch

In early October we went with our friends the Hulberts to a cute little pumpkin patch a outside of Logan. It was such a perfect fall day.
Here is Kate with her pick.

Bryan is looking tough with his pumpkin.

Ian and I watching everyone.

Ian thought something was pretty funny while he was crawling around.

Family pic with our picks.

Group shot. There must have been something exciting to the side because both the babies wanted to look at that instead of the camera.

There was also a little playground that the kids enjoyed. Jake was a brave monkey.

Kate was trying to get this dog to fetch.

After the pumpkin patch, we headed back to our house for hamburgers. I had to get a picture of these two just playing by themselves in Kate's room. It is fun watching these tiny ones play together.

We have never been to that pumpkin patch before but we will be sure to go back next year. Good times.

The tape is still around

These days the scotch tape is mostly used for art projects. The way it was meant to be used. But every once in a while the old tape ways sneak out and we get to clean up things like this:

It is a nice way to tell when Jake has had enough of his sister. And me too for that matter.

Crafting it up Conference weekend

We found some fun kids crafts online, so we spent a long weekend at home crafting it up. Here are the eager crafters making pipe cleaner spiders.

Here is the finished product.

Next we made some bats. They are kind of hard to see here but they turned out cute.

Though it is not really a craft, we did make Halloween sugar cookies. Here is the decorating process.

This was the last and most involved thing we did. These little ghosts were messy to make but ended up being fun. We had little lights to put under them so they lit up at night, but I never got a picture of that. They were extra spooky though.

A little Ian update for you

It has been a while since we have told you what this cute growing boy has been up to.

He really likes Kate's room. It may just be because her room is the first one down the hall, but if I can not see him that is the first place I check. Here he is enjoying her princess cash register.

His hair is getting longer and thicker. Here he is right after a bath and you can see that it has some body to it. It is pretty light so you can't see it very well in pictures but at least you can not see the veins in his scalp through his hair anymore.

He can give one heck of a kiss. He does not give them up all the time, but when he does watch out because you will get a lot. And if you find yourself on the receiving end I hope you like open mouth kisses because that is all he gives.

He does not like to be alone when he is sad so he will crawl around looking for someone to pick him up. As you can see, he can be a bit of a mess by the time he finds comfort. And then instead of giving needed comfort, sometimes his mom lets him cry a little more while she gets the camera.

He loves the bath. If the shower doors get left open he will go stand next to the tub and dream of the time he can bathe again.

Here are a couple faces that we see from this boy with so many expressions.
Did you look at this picture and think it was of Kate as a baby? Because it could be. I think he has a lot of Jake and Kate in him ,but here he looks all Kate.

This is his "being shy so don't look at me but I will stare at you" face.

Silly kid.
"How you doing?"

"Quit with the pictures."

This boy of ours is one happy fun kid to be around. If we are out and about he is more than willing to just hang out and take in the sights. It has been harder to keep him on the same schedule because of everyones schedules, but he sure rolls with the punches. He is more shy than any of the other kids but luckily he warms up to people pretty fast. Jake and Kate love him, sometimes a little too much. He sure loves them too. It seems like he is picking up new things every day. It is crazy to think he will be one next week. We are so happy to have Bud Bud around!

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Labor Day Weekend

Bryan was able to come home for Labor Day weekend, which was so fun. It was his birthday so it was great to be able to celebrate with him. Here is his traditional chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting cake. He was actually turning 33 this birthday not 3 like his cake indicates.

On Labor Day we went to a little town called Wellsville for their parade. Here we were waiting for the parade to start. It was unusually cold that morning so the kids are pretty bundled up for it being so early in September.

Ian was not so sure what to think of all the loudness, but luckily Bryan was more than willing to help him feel better.

Waiting for the candy.

Here is the other place Ian liked hanging out.

It is hard to believe this happened two months ago. Man time is flying by!

First days of school

Now that it has been months since this happened, it is about time it is documented.
Here is Jake. He got a short haircut a week or so before, but it looks super short in this pic. He has always loved school and this year is no exception. His teacher had nothing but great things to say about him at his parent teacher conference and we just found out yesterday that he was Student of the Month for October. He got to have lunch with the principal and all the other Students of the Month today. He sure is a great kid.

Here is Kate. She also seems to love school. And her legs seems to bend backward in this picture. They don't really bend that way though. She comes home with lots to say about her days, including if anyone got sent to time out. We sure love this sassy girl.