Monday, July 30, 2007

Children's festibal

Two weeks ago we went to a children's festival in Jacksonville. We went on Monday night, just the four of us, and again on Tuesday morning with Rachel and her kids. It worked out great to be able to go twice because there was so much to do that we could not have done it all Monday night. They had all kinds of crafts and things to do. We came home with bookmarks, hand prints, hand molds, a mask, macaroni necklace, homemade candle and many other things of great value. Jake's favorite thing by far was having his face painted. Not the actual act of having it painted, but the end product. He takes his role as spider man very seriously. Kate mostly just enjoyed being outside, the stroller ride, and a few bites of snow cone.
You can still see some of the white from the face painting on Jake's cheek in this crazy picture. Who sleeps like that anyway?

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Caitlin said...

umm Kate looks like she is gonna pounce that sno-cone and spiderman looks a little depressed :)