Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kate's facts and figures

Kate hit the 18 month mark this month. Yeah for nursery!!! She also had her check up last week. She is 34 inches tall and 25 pounds. That makes her pretty average for her weight and on the pretty darn tall side for girls. I guess we won't be to shocked if she ends up on the tall side. She climbs up on everything she can, is starting to say more and more(even though we are the only ones who can really understand her), and she keeps us laughing everyday. Kate is one busy girl but we would not have it any other way(except during sacrament meeting)!
Look at that sassy face!

For some reason every time we head to the pool she gets this hat. Not sure why.


The Tippetts said...

Girls are so sassy, aren't they? She is pretty cute though.

Lakes are Great said...

I love that she gets obssesive about clothes...AND I need you to call me because I don't have your new numbers!

Anonymous said...

I have to say the top picture looks like you at that age. You were a bit fiesty but Kate tops you in that department. Love that girl!! (Blu Grandma)

Charee B Mcclellan said...

Ok girl- hope that you are doing well and that things are fun in the sun. If you ever want to get together tell me the days you are avalable!