Monday, December 22, 2008

Sweet outfit

Can you tell what she is singing?

Some of the letters blend together, but not a bad start.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jake's Christmas Program

We got to attend our first preschool Christmas program this week. Jake was very excited for us to come to his school. They acted out the nativity, sang some songs and then they got stockings from their teacher. Jake got to play the part of the inn keeper during the nativity and as always likes to sing. He did a great job and we sure love him!
The kiddos waiting for all the parents to get there.

The inn keeper in action telling Joseph and Mary that there is no room in the inn but they can sleep in the stable.

And now for your listening pleasure, "Jingle Bells". The parents were supposed to join in on the chorus so that is why it gets a bit louder.

Should we get that checked out?

Bry came home from playing basketball the other morning and said," I guess I got hit in the shin some time playing ball this morning."

Um, yeah you did.

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Snow Angles

Friday, December 12, 2008

Oh to be a fly on the wall of his brain

Jake has been having a lot of dreams that he remembers and tells us about. A couple nights ago it was about a red, black, and white super hero costume. Last night he woke up around 11:30 and came to tell me that he had a dream that Bryan was," trying to cut an old dirty piece off the stove and cut his finger off." Our stove is pretty new so I would love to climb inside his mind and see what he envisions. Then when we were trying to get him back to sleep he came back into our room because he was scared. This time he said he looked out his bedroom door and saw our Christmas tree and thought it was Darth Vader holding a gun. What an imagination.

Tuesday, December 09, 2008


First off, this video is long. Like almost 4 minutes long. Feel no pressure to watch the whole thing. We just recorded it for us to enjoy when he is older. Jake will asks us to put on some "cool" music so he can dance every once in a while. Apparently Bryan's old school hip hop c.d. qualifies as "cool". Kate is dancing as well, and sure she falls off the couch part way through, but we were mostly trying to capture Jake's breakdance/karate style dance. If anyone knows of a class that offers this style of dance please let us know so we can enroll him and refine some of these sweet moves.

Monday, December 08, 2008


We woke up to this this morning. Not a ton, but enough to play in. Why did it take me half an hour to go from p.j.'s to this?
Here they are in action Merrick was the only one who would pose for me once we got outside, but I did capture Jake dumping a hand full of snow on his sister's head. I did not just let it happen, I didn't realize that is what he was up to. Here is Jake's first snowman of the season. Good cold fun.
Now the snow is all melted off but I am sure we will have many more opportunities to freeze our buns off this winter!

Busy fun filled weekend!

We need a weekend to rest from our busy weekend, but we sure had fun. Saturday was Kate's 2nd birthday! I can not believe she is already 2! I know that is what everyone says, but time seriously has flown! We went to breakfast with some friends, did some shopping, Bryan and Jake went and got our tree and we had a few people over to celebrate with some ice cream cake. Kate was a little weirded out with everyone staring at her and it seemed as though she had no idea how to open presents. She ended up having a great time and she got some really girly stuff, which she seems to love. Sometimes she can be so rough and tough that I wondered if she would get into fairy wings and things like that. Turns out she is. Here are a few pictures of her watching Missy open her presents since she would not(I know it is blurry, our apartment has dim lighting), and her all fairied up.
Here is a video of her opening a birthday card. For a little background, Jake is into telling Kate and I that we are the pretties, sweetest, [most] fabulous, mom/girl in the whole wide world. It is really sweet and I have no idea where he got this from. I swear I didn't give him the idea! Well Kate has picked up on that but instead of calling other people nice things, she calls herself nice things. Humility is next on her list of things to learn. Here you go.
After a fun Saturday, we filled our Sunday up as well. We had church, cooking and naps, the Huffakers annual Soup and Bread social(so fun!) and then home to finally decorate the tree. We didn't take the camera to the Huffakers, but we had good food, company, games and program. We always look forward to the fun. Then we got our tree decorated. Jake keeps saying," This is the funnest day ever!" when we do anything to do with getting ready for Christmas. I think he said it ten times while we hung ornaments. He even got to put the angle on the top. Kate mostly wants to take things off and play with them. Again most of the pictures are blurry due to low lighting, but you get the idea.

Gotta love an action photo!