Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Friday night fair fun

The county fair was in town last weekend. It is a block and a half from our house so there really is no way around going. It turns out we are sure glad we did. Bry had to work at a Wells Fargo booth Thursday and Saturday night, so Friday night it was. A cold front moved through so it we started out in short sleeves and I ended up making a trip home to grab coats. So nice. We are excited about the new kiddo on the way, but it was such a simple evening with no diaper bags, strollers, or bedtime worries. The camera was the only thing in hand beside each others hands. The first ride Jake went on Kate just wanted to watch, but after that she was ready to go on everything he did. They went from ride to ride with smiles the whole night. We made a pit stop by all the food and ended up with churros and a shared bag of cotton candy. I think the fact that we had spent the week before apart made being together seem that much better. Just our little family, having a great time, in the nice weather, in our little town. It was like all was right with the world. We finally walked the few blocks home at 10:30 and the kids crashed, sleeping until after 9:30 the next morning. I have to say, for me anyway, it was a night to remember.

Please excuse the fuzzy pictures. Between the lighting and the moving targets, it was hard to get clear pictures.

Here are a few videos of the kids. When they were not on rides, they could not hold still. They were sure funny to watch. Keep in mind they had only shared part of a bag of cotton candy so it was not all sugar rush. I'll blame some of it on the excitement of the night it guess.
video video


N. Tipps said...

Seems like you had a good time. No diaper bag, stroller. Even better.

Hulberts said...

I like all your posts. Sure looks like you have had a fun summer!

Nelly said...

How fun, the fair is always great! Congrats on the baby news! Sorry I'm a little slow to hear but I am so excited for you guys!

Lakes are Great said...

Wow. I'm not going to lie. I was a little overwhelmed when I pulled up your blog expecting to see scotch tape and what I got was an overload of McLaughlin-ness. Love it. I will have to wait until I have an hour or two to read it all :) As for a name...which I know you are dying to know my oppinion...should be Larry. Happy Day. Miss you guys. After your fair post it is clear you are never coming back here...we will have to go there. Shoot.

Lakes are Great said...

scratch the Larry idea...my new idea is Donald. Matt's friend just named his new little babe Donald...Don for short. I think that might be the most horrid baby name in the world. Maybe.