Thursday, October 29, 2009

23 hours in I.F.

Back on Labor day we wanted to get out of town, but because of work and church commitments we could not get out of town until Sunday afternoon. We headed up to Idaho Falls(I.F. for those who have lived close by:) for a night to stay with Tyler and Janna. We had a yummy dinner, played games, had yummy breakfast, and went to the surprisingly great Idaho Falls Zoo. The only pics we took were at the zoo, so that is all you get to see.
Ty being a nice uncle and hauling Kate around on his shoulders.
Kate on the tiger.

Jake on the tiger. In his had is a map of the zoo that we got when we arrived at the zoo. He held onto it the ENTIRE time we were there and was always good to let me know where on our map that we were. Such a help:)
Kate on the lion.
We did actually look at animals and not just at the kids the whole time. Check out those huge tortoises!
By the time we finished at the zoo, stopped for lunch, packed up our stuff, and took off we had been there for less than a day. Sad to have to go so soon, but fun while it lasted. We will have to go again sometime, for a little longer next time:)

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