Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The Bluths came to town

The day after Christmas Ethan, Ashley, and their kiddos came to town. It was so fun to have them here, even if we have pretty tight quarters. It turns out I took hardly any pictures. Here is one of the few I took. All the kids together. It is crazy that getting together with just one of my siblings equals 6 kids. That is a lot of kids.
From left to right: Jake, Ian, Logan, Jane, Kate, and Gavin.


Mikel*Sage said...

kate looks to be the tallest out of the bunch, is that right?

Hulberts said...

Thanks for the update. I don't ever see you guys so it's nice. ;)

Jess said...

Hey how are you guys! You little guy is just adorable. How early was he? i bet he looks different since your last post! I do have a tip for bike riding. We didn't use it, but heard it works! You tie a rolled up sheet around their waist and stand behind them holding the sheet, so they can learn to balance on their own. We tried last summer...and FAILED. Finally this year they got it. Good luck Jake!