Sunday, November 05, 2006

Phobia Factor, Round 3

This was a crazy obstacle course-type event. First I had to bob for pigs feet/legs in this big, deep trough of water. Then I had to go run to the next table and eat a worm hot dog. At the next table I had to drink a milk shake of raw liver and buttermilk, which actually wasn't that bad, although I don't think I'll be substituting it for egg nog during the holidays.

Following that I ate ten live crickets. That's the picture of me with my milk shake still running down my face. Next (not pictured) I had to grind up tripe (cows stomach) and put the grindings in my mouth and transfer them to another bowl. Last, I had to eat a can of the wet Friskies cat food, which was disgusting.

That was it though, and I won! I had the quickest time at 3:38. The closest person to me got 3:42, but other than him nobody else was close. Jessica and I won $5,000, which will be enough to pay off the car and go out to dinner.


kelly bluth said...

Maybe Santa will give you some Friskies in your stocking! Glad it was you and not me.

Bry-n-Jess said...

Friskies are not good. That would be very mean of Santa to leave such things in my stocking.

The Bluths said...

I'd like to see the guy that came in second, was he a larger man? I would think so.

Bry-n-Jess said...

Just a cowboy, but not bigger.