Sunday, November 05, 2006

Phobia Factor, Round 2

No pictures, just a run-down. This round was like a mini Amazing Race/scavenger hunt. We were given 15 clues about 15 different businesses around the valley. We had to first figure out which businesses the clues were talking about and then go to each of those businesses and get a letter from them. After we got all the letters we had to figure out what they were spelling, which ended up being PUBLIC STUPIDITY. The reason for those words was probably because in going around to each of these businesses we could only have our swimming suits and shoes on, nothing else. Kind of embarrassing, but fun. We could bring people with us and use as many resources as we could think of so I had three of my friends with me. Jason was driving, Reese and Travis were focusing on figuring out what the letters spelled, I was running into businesses like a weirdo, and all of us were calling other friends and family members asking for help with the clues. I came in 5th out of 22, which was good enough for the 10 person cut-off to get to Round 3.

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