Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Say cheese!

This is our most updated family picture. Don't worry, it is not professionally done. We'll be getting one of those soon also. You may notice the light over my (Bryan's) head and as far as we can figure out, that is in similitude of my angelic ways, not the lights from the kitchen.


The Bluths said...

Cute hair Jessica! Woah! I just noticed the links on your page, holy cow that's a lot of people!

Bry-n-Jess said...

Jessica says thanks for the compliment. I just want you to know that it's not the number of links that you have, but rather the way you use those links.

the bates motel said...

hieee! so glad you guys posted again! i've been waiting. cute fam! hope you guys are enjoying living in oregon! i can't believe we are moving to az in like 5 weeks! sad, but good at the same time! anyway, keep blogging! i love the updates i can get by the click of a button!