Wednesday, June 06, 2007


Last month Caitlin and I, Jessica, took Jake to an event at the fairgrounds called touch-a-truck. They had tractors, a boat, semi tucks, firetrucks, tow trucks, police cars and just about every other vehicle a kid would like to explore. The kids got to climb around inside them and play with all the buttons, steering wheels, and levers they wanted. It took Jake a little while to go from being "scared of everysing" to enjoying it. Once he got excited, there was no stopping him. He also had what was supposed to be a spider painted on his face and Caitlin helped him make a pasta necklace. All in all, he had a great time.

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The Bluths said...

man Logan would love something like that. I can just hear Jake saying 'everysing'. Logan says thanks to his birthday wish. Although he can only sign it. We taught him to hold up his fingers today and say "2" when we asked how old he is.