Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just another day at the beach

The weekend that I ran my marathon we were able to get to the beach with the kids. Jake had been waiting all day to make it there so he was very excited. We found out that Kate does not like the feel of the sand between her toes for now, but maybe later. Both of the kids were afraid of touching the water even when Bry was holding them. It was a bit chilly as usual at the coast, but it is always fun to go.


The Bluths said...

Ahh, how wholesome.

me.... said...

your baby girl is so cute i love love love her :)...oh and that is a mighty fine berkeley sweatshirt jess :)

The Tippetts said...

Jess, you can't just say "ran marathon" and not post any pics! Hello? 26 miles! At least give an explanation!