Sunday, July 20, 2008

4th Festivities

We had a great time the weekend of the 4th. Being here in Logan we are lucky enough to have the fun start a day early. For some reason the city puts on their big show the 3rd. We headed down to the Bryan's work with some friends to sit out on the lawns to watch the show. There is a great view of the football stadium from there. We had lots of yummy treats and the kids ran around until the fireworks started. Both the kids loved the fireworks. The next day we went to the pool, had friends over for BBQ(complete with homemade ice cream, yum!), the neighborhood over for smores, and staying up late again for a decidedly smaller firework display. Other than the sleep deprivation for the kids, it was a great time.
Kate dressed for the big show. Thanks for the shirt Nano!The kiddos watching the fireworks.
Every kid from miles around wanting marshmallows.
Jake mastering the roast. I'm pretty sure he tested the chocolate.Who's next? I think Lacey is ready.

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