Sunday, August 24, 2008

My friend and a half

I have a neighbor named Alicia. Between church, library trips, playing in the yard, and running in the morning, we see quite a bit of each other. A while back we heard that the The Top of Utah Half Marathon was coming up. We decided that it would be fun so we trained ourselves up and yesterday was race day. We had to be up and out by 5:30, which was really early and a little on the chilly side. The race was part of the course for The Top of Utah Marathon which is next month. We will not be competing in that. We wanted to finish in under 2 hours and we were totally excited to finish in 1:59. It does not get any closer than that! Bryan got the kids ready and was waiting to see us finish. Here is a little video that he took of us as we were nearing the finish line. Alicia is the one in the white shirt. The other girl we just happen to be passing when Bry was taping. It was a bigger race than I have run before, but still very fun. It is always more fun with a fun friend to run with. Thanks Alicia!



Reese & Lacey said...

Nice job ladies! I'm glad you met your goal and now that we have all completed our summer competitions, let's go on a girls' trip and celebrate our awesomeness!

The Wellman Family said...

Good job Jess! is this your second marathon?

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Jess- you are on a roll!!!

Julie said...

Awesome job! I was registered for that race and 2 of my friends went but I couldn't go after all. I was so bummed. Let's do the St. george half this February. Ya?