Friday, March 21, 2008

Jay Leno does not drink alcohol

I was told that Jay never has had an alcoholic drink in his life. Whether that is true or not is the million dollar question. I actually never verified with Jay so I am taking the word of one of the producers of The Tonight Show. If this producer is not yanking my chain then Jay does not drink alcohol, which means that 10out of the 13 who guessed were right. I wish everyone well and hope your March Madness brackets are doing better than mine.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Jessica, Bryan, Jay, and a Big Mac

So here is my (Bryan) somewhat pathetic attempt at shoving a McDonald's Big Mac into my mouth in 10 seconds. In rehersals I had done it too fast and they wanted me to finish right at 10 second so I tried to take my time a little bit more, but it led to a bit of rushing at the end and a very messy finish. Do I really care? Sort of, but not really. Jessica and I had a great time, we lived like miniature celebrities for a day, the trip was free, Jessica and I were on national television together, I got paid for it, and now I can say I have been on Letterman and Leno, which I think is pretty cool. Next show...Deal or no Deal!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Good job with the old poll, good luck with the new

It turns out that all 6 of the people who gave an answer in our latest poll knew exactly how tall Jessica was, that being 5'10". I, Bryan, suspect there was some kind of foul play or trickery, but I can't prove it. With me being on Leno, this next poll is inspired by such. Best of luck and may you always find our polls (really my polls because Jessica thinks they are dumb) exciting and enjoyable to your visual senses.

Imagine Jay hugging Bryan instead of an old lady...

Most of you have heard, but if not, Bryan will be on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno on Wednesday, March 19th. He will be featured during the Freaks of Nature segment. The task he is to perform is to get a McDonald's Big Mac in his mouth in 10 seconds or less. The show is flying us both out to Los Angeles, putting us up in the Sheraton Universal, and driving us around in a limo. We are excited, but will miss our kids as this is the first time we have both been away from them overnight at the same time. We're what you call overprotective parents. In Bryan's own words, "Tune in if you would like to watch me make a fool of myself." We will post real pictures of our trip when we get back.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Sick Bug

The kids both got sick when we got back from Utah. Jake ran a fever and mostly laid around but Kate's eyes swelled up. I just had to show how sad she looked.

Mrs. Potato Head

Sweet glasses Kate!

Tyler and Janna's big day

We got to spend some time in Utah to end 2007 and start 2008. We had a great time seeing friends in Logan (big thanks to Missy for giving us a place to stay) and then we headed down to Salt Lake City for Ty's wedding. It is always fun whenever we can get everyone together. It never seems to last long enough though. Other than poor little Logan being sick and the extra day it took getting back, a good time was had by all.

Sunday, March 09, 2008

We think Jake is cute

Here's the proof.

Why don't you update your blog?

Yeah why don't I? I have only heard that about 100 times. Things were a bit busy for a while but I think I will take a stab at getting caught up and try staying that way. I will try to list some of the major events that have happened in the last few months in order of when they happened. Here we go...
-Kate turned one
-Went to Washington for early Christmas
-Christmas in Medford
-Utah for New Years and visiting friends
-Tyler and Janna's wedding
-Jessica began training for her first marathon
-Decided we will move back to Logan so Bryan can get his MBA
-Caitlin and Talon's wedding
That is a bit of what we have been up to so enjoy the slide show and on to the next post!