Wednesday, July 15, 2009

The newest addition to the family...Scotch Tape

Jake likes artistic things. Drawing, painting, cutting paper and taping it back together into different shapes. Since he likes to do that last one so much, his grandparents got him a ream of paper and a six pack of scotch tape, among other art supplies, for his birthday. Well the taping of things took on a life of its own. Why stop at taping paper when it can stick to so many things?
If you want your sister to stay out, tape your door nob. Luckily she is two so this strategy worked.
Just in cast that same sister grew three feet and could reach your lockers full of your prized possessions, tape them closed. Kind of.
I think this was being taped on, but not all of it has an obvious reason behind it.Like this one? Apparently tape also doubles as spiderwebs and if you are making your room into a haunted house you just put it everywhere to make things scary.More scariness?These are the remnants of what is left from when he taped some of his stuffed animals to the net.And what toy bin handle doesn't need a little tape?
These pictures hardly do justice to the presence that tape has had in our lives. It is on clothes when I get them out of the dryer. It is on blankets as I tuck the kids into bed. No less than 15 strands of it where used to block his entire doorway, as high as he could reach, to also keep people out. That worked a little too well because he can reach high these days and I could not step over it to get in his room to put laundry away. I find it on the carpet and even stuck to the bottom of peoples feet. The first six pack has long sense come and gone (over 6600 feet of tape might I add) but luckily Jake has a grandpa who would hate to see him go without tape, so he is now on the last roll of his second six pack. That is literally miles of tape that have come and gone through our home. I guess it is a small and sticky price to pay for his good time. Like his grandpa texted me,"His to enjoy, yours to clean up." So true.


The Bluths said...

I am never coming over...I hate tape. Eww, just like I hate band-aids.

Williamson Fam said...

WOw, who knew the endless possibilities for tape...

The Bluths said...

Update your blog, you know how I feel about tape.