Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Dinosaur slippers

Jake has a sudden obsession with dinosaurs and so here he is with his new dinosaur slippers, which he loves. Jessica picked them up for him when she was out in California spending the weekend visiting old roommates she had while attending the college formerly known as Ricks, now called BYU-Idaho. Anyway, Jake is very good at recognizing and naming dinosaurs. He will probably be a dinosaur for Halloween this year.


Jake'sGrandmaElva said...

Old Navy has dinosaur costumes...but only had a 4T in Yakima. Since he had the smarts to learn all the dinosaur names (etc) just think what the future holds. Watch out world!

Bry-n-Jess said...

Yeah somebody else had told us about costumes at Old Navy so we went to look, but our Old Navy must not be carrying them because we didn't see any Halloween costumes. We've been looking on eBay recently. Regardless, we better hurry because time is running out.

kelly bluth said...

I'm going to Old Navy tomorrow and I'll look for dinosaurs. Costumes, that is