Saturday, October 07, 2006

Hitler as a toddler?

After a little lunch of chips, a whole polish sausage, and some peanut butter and jelly sandwich Jake is sporting a Hitler-stache.


kelly bluth said...

Caitlin tells me after eating all that and even more at Olive Garden, he got sick in the night and it ended up all over the floor and bed! Too bad. Moderation in all things!

Bry-n-Jess said...

Yeah, maybe he's been watching his dad too much. It didn't help that Bryan swung him around on his blanket and had him twisting all over the place right before he went to bed. Besides, it takes time to get to the point that one can do what Bryan does. In time perhaps Jake can rise to the level of his father. He is still in his infancy of perfecting gluttony.