Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Fall Harvest Festival

Back in October, we went with some friends to the Fall Harvest Festival. There was so much to do that we did not get around to it all, but the kids seemed to have a good time learning a little about harvest time.

That is Jake in the stripes milking a cow. Kate would not have anything to do with the cows up close so she watched from afar.

Feeding the chickens weeds. Who knew chickens like weeds?

Where Ian spent most of the day.

Giving the saw a try.

She really looks like she is making it work, but it was not moving an inch.

Train ride!

Petting zoo.

Hay maze.

Hay pirate ship.

Jake being punished.

Ok, not really.

Hay slide.

Jumping into hay.

Kate's turn.
I guess hay has a lot to do with harvest. Not pictured was making corn cob darts, corn husk dolls, pony rides, and a black out maze. Ian was asleep in the stroller so I could not leave him so Jake and Kate took their friend, BY THEMSELVES, through the black out maze. I would have never guess that they would have liked something like that but they went again and again. I guess they really are growing up.

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