Thursday, December 16, 2010

First Aggie game

We have lived here in Logan for a lot of years, but the kids and I have never been to an Aggie football game before. Bryan has made it a time or two, maybe with his other family. Some friends got some tickets and invited us to go with. It was a great weather, especially for November, so we took them up on the offer.
Here we are just arriving.

In our seats.

The band

More from the stands.

And the team.

This is a statue that was unveiled just this season. It is of Merlin Olsen. Yes that is the same Merlin Olsen that was in "Little House on the Prairie". He went to Utah State and played on the football team. He also has a park named after him. Just a little bit of Logan trivia for you.

Ian slept most of the game. Jake and Kate ate their weight in snacks. Bryan and I enjoyed our company and the game. We may have to go again before we move out of town.