Thursday, August 12, 2010


For the 4th we started the day with church. In the afternoon I took the kids to a friends house, Matt and Jessie, for a fun BBQ. Jessie made a great spread and it all tasted so good!
Here are a few of the kids posing.

Here is Kate with her b.f.f. Matt. She has cake in her teeth. There is not really a huge gap between them.

And here she is enjoying one of her favorite foods, ribs.

Can you feel the love?

After the BBQ we went with my parents and Rachel and her kiddos to the fireworks. The people watching is almost as fun as the firework watching. One of the kids favorite parts is that you can buy paper plates for a dollar each and write your name on them. When it is dark the plates get spread out all over the football field. Then they have 4 skydivers fly in and land on the field. If they pick up your plate when they land you win money. Jake and Kate were so excited for the skydivers to land and Jake was pretty sure his plate would get picked. Unfortunately his plate did not get picked, and he was really upset. Maybe next year.
Here is cute Jamie, Kate, Jake and A.J. waiting for it to get dark.
Ian was a great sport, as always, hanging out in his patriotic p.j.'s.
And here he is pooped out once we got home.

It was happy for us. Hope it was for you.

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