Friday, August 13, 2010

A visit to Salem

While we were in Oregon we took a trip to Salem. My grandparents live there and they have never met my kids. So Rachel and her kids loaded in my van with me and mine. My mom drove and picked up my sis-in-law Debbie and niece Sammy in Eugene and brought them also. We had a really good time. Grandma Joan and Grandpa Bill made a yummy lunch and then our friend Meta joined us for the afternoon. The kids also got a chance to pick raspberries and cherries out of the yard. They didn't really like eating them, but they liked to pick them. After lunch we headed to the pool. The retirement community they live in has a great pool and the water was nice and warm for the kids.
Here is Grandma Joan, Rachel, my mom holding Ian, and Meta pool side.

A.J. and Jamie swim like fish. One day my kids will be like that...

It was so bright I could not seem to get a shot with Jake's eyes open.

Kate, Sammy, and Debbie hanging out on the stairs.

After the pool the kids got to ride the park carousel.

Meta brought some fun toys for all the kids and here they all are enjoying the bubble wands.

It sure was a fun day. We might have to do it again sometime:)

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